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Chapter 2+14 - Chapter 2: Studying Psychology...

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Chapter 2: Studying Psychology Scientifically A procedure where a population is divided into subgroups based on characteristics like gender and ethnic identity is stratified random sampling . Mode , median , and mean are measures of central tendency . The advantages of manipulating two independent variables in the same experiment are: More efficient Easier to observe interactions Can better capture the complexity of real life A statistic that indicates the direction and the strength of the relation between two variables is the correlation coefficient . A negative correlation occurs when higher scores on one variable are associated with lower scores on a second variable. Scores in bowling go up as ability goes up. This is an example of positive correlation . Adopt the following strategies to become a critical consumer of statistics: Look more closely at statistics that are quoted to determine what they actually mean Examine bar graphs to see if they are visually misrepresenting statistical information Chapter 14: Adjusting to Life: Stress, Coping, and Health Research has shown that optimistic people are at lowered risk for anxiety and depression when they are confronting stressful events. Stress is one’s physical and psychological response to events that are perceived to be threatening or challenging. Controllability is a factor for coping efficacy.
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Chapter 2+14 - Chapter 2: Studying Psychology...

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