Effects of religion checkpoint.

Effects of religion checkpoint. - out the world I feel most...

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Jessica Hoover Effects of Religion HUM 130 6/16/11
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Organized religion individuals go by on a daily basis. For some individuals they live their lives by their religion. Organized religion is used for good things but sometimes it does not serve for good. When large amount of people gather they can be influenced for the good or for the bad. Most people do not always promote good and what is right. There can be many negatives as well as positives. One negative that can affect society negatively. War can be an effect of the organized religion and there can be many examples. One example is the catholic protestant war over in Ireland. Another example is the crusades. In addition, the most recent example is the world trade center and the war in Iraq. This was said to be over religion. I think there is a lot of religious stuff that is going on in the United States and though
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Unformatted text preview: out the world. I feel most of the problems comes from how that country runs by their government but it also has something to do with religion at the same time. Organized religion is supposed to bring individual together but instead it may separate people and some may start a war. Hate crimes are from organized religion. Many Muslim and Arabs was victims of hate crimes when the world trade center was attacked. Some individuals thought it was justice and people thought all Muslims were terrorist. Many people were abused because of this act. Another example of a hate crime is the KKK from the organized religion. The KKK had very strong beliefs but religion they still abused the African American. Hate crimes come from organized religion and it came from ignorance. The examples I provided are from organized religion and how it can affect the society....
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Effects of religion checkpoint. - out the world I feel most...

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