interview outline for beh 225

interview outline for beh 225 - at home where there are a...

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Jessica Hoover Interview Outline BEH 225
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“I will be interviewing Robin Daugherty. Robin is a 50-year-old white American female who is currently divorced with four children. She graduated high school then went to a trade school to do hair but had no success with that and currently working a factory. She is the youngest out of four children and I would describe her socioeconomic status a middle class. I have chosen to interview Robin because she had to overcome many obstacles in her life and she had supported me in everything that I have done in life and she also helped me out a lot in my life, she also encouraged me to further my education and obtain my high school diploma. She is my mom, so I feel comfortable in asking her personal questions or any questions that I may have for her.” Interview questions that I would be asking Is in the learning and memory process do you prefer to observe or to read the behavior that is performed. How would you like to study in a library or
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Unformatted text preview: at home where there are a lot of noises and distractions? Would you be willing to take a Myers Briggs test? If so, do you feel personally that these results are accurate? Which experiences in your opinion you think that you feel contributed most in the development of your personality? Do you feel that you are self-monitoring in regards of your attitude? If so how or how not? What was your strongest influence of your attitude? What do you think about a person’s race, ethnicity play when forming that person personality or attitude? Do you think when you perform task that you are intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivate? Personal questions that I may ask are what was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your life? Was it hard or easy to overcome this obstacle? Would you say this obstacle made you stronger or weaker?...
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interview outline for beh 225 - at home where there are a...

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