motivating employee's

motivating employee's - boss is happy of the job that they...

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Jessica Hoover Motivating Employee’s BEH 225 7/15/2011
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I think it is possible to motivate the employee’s. I feel if the company takes their time to motivate the employees. I think you need to find the right motivation to encourage that employee. Some people have different needs and some people do not want to work for a company that cannot provide motivation for them. Some employees would like the company to motivate them by buying gifts so they can show them to other such as friends and family because they did a good at work. A person who wants something because they did a good job is called extrinsic motivator. Some people if they make a deadline before the date it is suppose to be done, they want something to show they have done a good job, this is could motivate this person to do a better job next time. An employee may only want to hear “good job keep up the good work” from a company and this person is known as an intrinsic motivator. Employee’s love to make the
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Unformatted text preview: boss is happy of the job that they did. If they know, they make the boss happy because they did a good job then would keep up the good work instead of lacking in work and making the boss unhappy. I think the manger of a company should take the time out to see which type of motivation would fit what employee. I also think if a company motivates an employee this could make the company to do better in their production. I feel if a company will motivate the employees, this will make them happier and will make the employee to show up for work every day instead of making excuse not to go to work. I feel if the employees are happy then the bosss for that company are going to be happier and if the bosss are happy then I feel the employees will be happier. I think if everyone is happy at work then the company would run easier and the boss would not worry about firing anyone or worry about production time or even meeting deadlines things....
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motivating employee's - boss is happy of the job that they...

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