Psychological Disorders Table

Psychological Disorders Table - -feelings of hopelessness...

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Refer to Ch. 13 of Psychology: An Introduction and complete the Psychological Disorders Table below. List an example of each psychological disorder listed in the left- hand column, and the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for each example. Psychological Disorder Example Common Symptoms Causes Treatment Options Mood Disorders Depression -lack of interest in activities -increased need for sleep -excessive guilt
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Unformatted text preview: -feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness-excessive worrying-insomnia-difficulty concentrating-suicidal thoughts-genetic/biological factors-environmental factors -social factors-psychotherapy-antidepressant medication-exercise Anxiety Disorders Childhood Disorders Schizophrenic Disorders Personality Disorders Sexual Disorders Dissociative Disorders Psychosomatic Disorders Somatoform Disorders...
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Psychological Disorders Table - -feelings of hopelessness...

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