the five pillars of Islam hum 130

the five pillars of Islam hum 130 - series of rituals t...

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Jessica Hoover Five Pillars of Islam HUM 130 7/22/11
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The central belief of Islam that there is only one god and the messenger of is Muhammad. The five pillars of Islam are belief and witness, daily prayers, Zakat, fasting, and Hajj. Belief and witness is believing and professing the unity of the god and Muhammad. Daily prayer is a performance of the continual round of prayers. The prayers are performed five times a day with Mecca. While kneeling and bowing, they say these prayers. Zakat is the spiritual tithing and almsgiving. At the end of each year Muslims have to donate to the Muslims that need it, they have to donate at least two and a half percent of what they accumulate in wealth. This helps to decrease greed. The Muslims especially around Ramadan recommend fasting. For the whole month of Ramadan, the Muslims are not a loud to eat, drink, sexual intercourse, and smoking. Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca. All Muslims are to pilgrimage once in their lifetime. This is a
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Unformatted text preview: series of rituals t bring them to god as close as possible. The males have to wrap up themselves in a special garment. Then they have to walk around the Ka’bah seven times, it is a continual rotation around the angels and the creation, it is to the seventh heaven. During this walk, their hearts are filled with remembrance of Allah. Out of the five pillars, I think the belief and witness will be the easiest. The reason I feel like this way is because all you have to do is believe in one god and Muhammad is the messenger of god. The hardiest would be fasting for me. The reason I chose this is that I could not go without anything to drink on hot days or even every day. Going without food will not bother me because I really do not eat when it is hot outside. I could not imagine not being able to drink when it is so hot outside, that is all I actually do when it is hot is drink a lot....
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the five pillars of Islam hum 130 - series of rituals t...

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