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June 3 Notes - Simmons Market Research Bureau June 3, 2011...

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June 3, 2011 Media Planning – Notes Traditional media is becoming less with the access of social media o Growing as an advertising medium Price Group: largest firm in Lubbock Media classes traditional media by relative rank order (as $) o Newspaper o Television o Direct marketing o Magazines o Radio o Yellow pages o Out of home 3 national newspaper: Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Nontraditional – no measure of exposure ex: air banners at games, koozies, bags, product placement, gorilla marketing Sources of information great deal of what we need comes from: o Internal sources: company records, sales data, past budgets, trade associations o External sources: syndicated services that sell data they’ve compiled through survey, UPC codes, shopper panels Marketing sources: includes competitive speding
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Unformatted text preview: Simmons Market Research Bureau June 3, 2011 MRI Mediamark Research & Intelligence Marketing Guide to Media, SRDS LNA or Leading National Advertisers Information Resources, Inc (IRI) o Syndicated tracking service for grocery industry data Sales and Marketing Management Survey of Buying Power o Population and household data for all US o Retail sales data for categories, spending statistics in markets Audience sources Nelson: entire group of companies that measure national TV, internet o Use people meters and diary method Arbitron: 270 radio markets in US used diary method, but now portable people meter Print: SRDS o Audit Bureau of Circulation o Bacons o Editor & Publisher...
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June 3 Notes - Simmons Market Research Bureau June 3, 2011...

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