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June 6 Notes - o Print circulation(SRDS or other source...

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June 6, 2010 Media Planning – Notes Coverage not always a useful concept… Population or universe: total group of people in a specific geographic area that share the common characteristic of interest Impression: an opportunity for an individual to see an ad. “a duplication measure” Coverage definitions o Applied to print mostly coverage means “…the portion of the audience (HH or people at TA) that has the potential to receive the message Other terms we use to indicate coverage of a medium
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Unformatted text preview: o Print: circulation (SRDS or other source), pass along readership • Broadcast is a bit more involved… o Consider the problem of radio. .. solution is to use estimates of audience Ratings: the persons or HH that see or hear a particular program expressed as a percentage of the total population Share: defined as above but with the population restricted to only those HH that had the TV or radio on at the time...
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