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Sports Sponsorship: Anheuser-Busch - Stacy Blakley Sports...

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Stacy Blakley Sports Advertising – Final Project Sports Sponsorship Sponsorship is a form of advertising that works toward creating a greater association between a sponsor and a property (sponsee). Sponsorships aim to go beyond mainstream advertising and add an element of brand marketing ( It is apparent that sponsorship, as a form of advertising, has become an important strategic initiative for marketers as they have started to extend the range of their traditional promotional mix and address their integrated marketing communications plan. Motives have progressed into their third stage of the evolutionary process as sponsorship has become more involved in the business world. Initially, sponsorships were ego-driven. They later evolved into a stage of philanthropic motivation, contributing to organizations they supported. Today however, motives focus on a return on investment (Sports Marketing pg 95). While related, sponsorship is not to be confused with advertising. In the second edition of Sports Marketing by Sam Fullerton, advertising is defined as any paid, non-personal communication through various media about a business firm, not-for-profit, product or idea by a sponsor identified in a message that is intended to inform or persuade members of a particular audience . Fullerton notes that confusion may be provoked by announcers when proclaiming “we will be right back after a few words from our sponsors.” There is a large different between the sponsor of a broadcast and the sponsor of an event. Though advertising holds some advantages over sponsorships, sponsorships hold a few advantages of their own. They allow for credibility, prestige, internal morale, sales opportunities and access to a live audience (Sports Marketing pg 101).
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Stacy Blakley Sports Advertising – Final Project Examples of sponsorships vary widely. The textbook declares that according to IEG there are six recognizable categories – (1) sports, (2) entertainments, tours, and attractions, (3) causes, (4) arts, (5) festivals, fairs, and annual events, and (6) associations and membership
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Sports Sponsorship: Anheuser-Busch - Stacy Blakley Sports...

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