Chap003[2] - Sports Overlay or Platform Sports *Using...

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Sports Overlay or Platform Sports Overlay or Platform *Using Strategic Initiatives to Integrate Sports in Order to Create a Sports Overlay or to Reach One’s Designated Target Markets More Effectively Traditional Strategies Traditional Strategies *Employing Target Market and Marketing Mix Initiatives in Order to Achieve the Desired Sports Overlay Mainstream Strategies Mainstream Strategies *Using Traditional Strategies in an Effort to Sell Nonsports Products *Mainstream Strategies Are Not Based upon Any Official Sponsorship-Based Relationship with a Sports Entity Nonsports Products Nonsports Products *Examples of Nonsports Products Often Marketed Using a Sports Platform *Cars (Volvo) *Beer (Fosters) *Colas (Coca-Cola) *Watches (Swatch) *Fast Food (McDonald’s) Mainstream Strategies Mainstream Strategies *Nonsports Products Using Traditional Elements of Marketing Strategy *Target Market – Car ad in Golf for Women *Product – Clothing with sports graphics *Distribution – Restaurant at sports arena *Price – Discounts for bar patrons in uniforms *Promotion – Ad featuring a sports setting Target Market Access Target Market Access *Segment the Market *Select Appropriate Target Market(s) *Identify Relevant Target Markets that Can Be Reached Via a Sports Platform Target Marketing Applications Target Marketing Applications Using Mainstream Strategies Using Mainstream Strategies
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Chap003[2] - Sports Overlay or Platform Sports *Using...

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