Chap004[1] - Sponsorships Role Sponsorships *Another...

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Sponsorship’s Role Sponsorship’s Role *Another Promotional Tool for Marketers *Sponsorship Should Have a Synergistic Effect on a Marketer’s Promotional Efforts *Sponsorship Fits within the Promotional Mix *Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan *Advertising *Personal Selling *Sales Promotion *Public Relations / Publicity *Sponsorship *Key Is How They All Work in Harmony *Sponsorship IS NOT Advertising Evolution of Sponsorship Motives Evolution of Sponsorship Motives *Early Sponsorships Were Ego-Driven *CEO liked golf; company sponsored golf event *Focus Shifted to Philanthropic Motives *Sponsorship was a way to contribute to a cause *Most Sponsorships Today Focus on ROI *Sponsorship is an investment, not an expense Advertising’s Advantages Advertising’s Advantages *Persuasive Message *Words and Images Used to Convey Ideas *Standardization *Everyone Receives an Identical Message *Guaranteed Size of Audience Reached *Circulation; TV Ratings; Radio Ratings Advertising’s Advantages (Cont’d) Advertising’s Advantages (Cont’d) *Evaluation of Effectiveness *Measures such as CPM Can Be Applied *Measure the Impact on Sales *Concept Testing Prior to Using Advertisement *Turnkey
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*May Be a Stand-Alone Tactic That Is Not Supported by Other Elements of the IMC Sponsorship Defined Sponsorship Defined *A Relationship between a Marketer and a Property in which the Marketer Pays a Cash or In-Kind Fee in Return for Access to the Exploitable Commercial Potential Associated with the Property *Many Types of Properties Represent Sponsorship Opportunities for a Marketer Sponsorship’s Advantages Sponsorship’s Advantages *Credibility *Image *Prestige *Internal Morale *Sales Opportunities *Access to Live Audience Six Sponsorship Categories Six Sponsorship Categories *Sports *Cause-Related Marketing *The Arts *Associations and Membership Organizations Sponsorship Spending Sponsorship Spending by Category (2009) by Category (2009) *Sports (68%) *Cause-Related Marketing (9%) *The Arts (5%) *Associations and Membership Orgs (3%) * Rounding creates small statistical error (IEG) Worldwide Sponsorship Spending Worldwide Sponsorship Spending
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Chap004[1] - Sponsorships Role Sponsorships *Another...

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