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Chap016[1] - Promotion Promotion*The Third Variable of the...

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Promotion Promotion *The Third Variable of the Traditional Marketing Mix *An Effort to Communicate with One or More of the Organization’s Target Markets Promotional Mix *Has Historically Incorporated Four Promotional Tools *Advertising *Personal Selling *Sales Promotion *Public Relations (Publicity) Additions to the Promotional Mix *Though Not Everyone Agrees: Two Tools Have Been Associated with Those of the Traditional Promotional Mix: *Sponsorship *Direct Response Marketing (DRM) Integrated Marketing Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan Communications (IMC) Plan *Encompasses All Promotional Tools *Stresses That All Promotional Tools Used in the Development of the Organization’s Promotional Efforts Must Work in Harmony The IMC Plan The IMC Plan *Consistency *Synergy *Must Support the Product, Distribution, and Pricing Strategies *Must be Appropriate for the Target Market The Communications Process The Communications Process The AIDA Model for Effective Promotion for Effective Promotion * A ttention * I nterest * D esire * A ction Advertising *Paid, Nonpersonal Form of Communication that is Generally Disseminated via One or
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More of the Mass Media *Mass Media Include: *TV *Radio *Magazines *Newspapers *Others Advertising Media and Vehicles Advertising Media and Vehicles *A Medium Is the Broad Mechanism for Conveyance of the Message *Once a Medium Is Selected, the Marketer Must Still Select Specific Vehicles *A Vehicle Is a Specific Option within Each Medium Advertising Media and Vehicles Advertising Media and Vehicles *Medium: *Magazines *Vehicles: * Cosmopolitan * TV Guide * People Personal Selling Personal Selling
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