Chap020[1] - *Marketers Face Continuous Scrutiny...

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Controversy Controversy *Marketers Face Continuous Scrutiny *For Sports Marketers, Criticism Emanates from Many Different Groups *Consumers *Consumer Advocacy Groups *Community Residents *Fans *Media *Government “Do The Right Thing” *Ethics Is Subjective *Any Decision May Evoke Controversy *Critics Are Vocal *Issues for Both the Marketing of Sports Products and Marketing Through Sports Controversial Issues Controversial Issues in Sports Marketing in Sports Marketing *Target Market Decisions *Marketing Mix Decisions *Product *Distribution *Pricing *Promotion *Broad-Based Controversies Target Market Decisions Target Market Decisions *Exclusionary Membership Policies *Private Clubs Excluding Women or Minorities *Protests Regarding Masters Golf Tournament Product Decisions Product Decisions *Oversaturation of Spectator Sports *More Teams, Longer Seasons, More Sports *More Post-Season Participants *Gimmick Sports *Contrived Competitions *Athletes Outside of Their Sport *Focus on Sexuality Rather than Sport *Non-Athlete Participation Product Decisions Product Decisions
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*Changing the Spectator Sport Core Product *Traditionalists Will Resist
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Chap020[1] - *Marketers Face Continuous Scrutiny...

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