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BA 3305_individualcasequestions1 - right stay pure What...

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The Analyst’s Dilemma How does one balance loyalty to friends with loyalty to one's company? Is there a reasonable limit to the degree of devotion people are expected to show their employers? Can people separate their private lives from their business responsibilities? “The Analyst's Dilemma" presents an ethical dilemma which encourages students to grapple with these and other questions. It asks students to define the case protagonist's various personal and professional obligations and to plot a course of action when these sets of obligations come into conflict. Dirty Hands A passage from the play Dirty Hands by Jean-Paul Sartre, the words in the passage are spoken by a Communist leader named Hoederer in an argument with a younger comrade: How you cling to your purity, young man! How afraid you are to soil your hands! All
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Unformatted text preview: right, stay pure! What good will it do? Why did you join us? Purity is an idea for a yogi or a monk. " . To do nothing, to remain motionless, arms at your sides, wearing kid gloves. Well, I have dirty hands. Right up to the elbows. I've plunged them in filth and blood. But what do you hope? Do you think you can govern innocently? 1 Study Questions 1. Have you ever been in a situation like the one faced by the protagonist in "The Analyst's Dilemma"? Does she really face a difficult moral problem? 2. In what ways does she have a "dirty hands" problem? 3. What are her options? What should she do? 1 Source: Jean-Paul Sartre, "Dirty Hands," in No Exit and Three Other Plays, translated by Lionel Abel (New York: Vintage International), 1989, p. 218....
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