ch2 - Chapter2 HistoryofManagement IntheBeginning...

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Chapter 2              History of Management In the Beginning Management Ideas and Practice Throughout History Why We Need Managers Today The Evolution of Management The History of  Scientific Management Frederick W. Taylor Taylor’s Four Management Principles Motion Studies: Time-Motion Theory  Informs Efficiency Efforts Charts:  Henry Gantt The History of  Bureaucratic Management The Aim of Bureaucracy Administrative Management:   Henri Fayol The History of  Human Relations Management Efficiency alone is not enough to produce organizational success. Success also depends on treating workers well. Mary Parker Follett       Mary Parker Follett is known today as the mother of scientific management. Her many contributions to modern management include the ideas of negotiation, conflict resolution, and power sharing. Constructive Conflict and Coordination: Mary Parker Follett
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ch2 - Chapter2 HistoryofManagement IntheBeginning...

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