ch3 - Chapter3 OrganizationalEnvironments andCultures...

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Chapter 3 Organizational Environments  and Cultures External Environments Changing Environments Nissan Responds to Changing Auto Industry *The auto industry is rapidly changing as consumers become more concerned with the environment, traditional markets slow down, and new markets develop in countries like China and India. *Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn responds with focus on tech research for environmentally sustainable models and low-priced models for developing markets. *Ghosn plans to develop a Nissan hybrid by 2010, release an all-electric car in Japan by 2011, and make a $3000 model to compete with Tata in India. Environmental Change Environmental Complexity Resource Scarcity Natural  Resources Uncertainty External Environment Components of the  General Environment *Economy *Technological trends *Sociocultural trends *Political / Legal trends Economy *Growing vs. shrinking economies *Predicting future economic activity *Business confidence indices Technological Component
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ch3 - Chapter3 OrganizationalEnvironments andCultures...

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