ch4 - Chapter4 EthicalandUnethical WorkplaceBehavior...

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Chapter 4 Ethics and Social Responsibility Ethical and Unethical  Workplace Behavior What Is Ethical and Unethical  Workplace Behavior? Common Kinds of Workplace Deviance U.S. Sentencing  Commission Guidelines Companies can be prosecuted and punished even if management didn’t know about the unethical behavior. Who, What, and Why? *Nearly all businesses are covered *Punishes a number of offenses *Encourages businesses to be proactive Partial List of Offenses Invasion of privacy Price fixing Fraud Customs violations Antitrust violations Civil rights violations Theft Compliance Program Steps Proactive companies get smaller fines! Compliance Program Steps How Do You Make Ethical Decisions? Influences on Ethical Decision Making Ethical Intensity Depends on… Moral Development Stages of Moral Development Principles of 
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Ethical Decision Making Principles of  Ethical Decision Making Executive Bonuses *The credit crisis which hit the U.S. banking industry in 2008 caused companies such as Bear
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ch4 - Chapter4 EthicalandUnethical WorkplaceBehavior...

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