ch7 - Chapter7 InnovationandChange OrganizationalInnovation

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Chapter 7 Innovation and Change Organizational Innovation Coke and Cargill, PepsiCo  and Merisant Develop  New Sweetener *Beverage companies have teamed up to market a new calorie-free natural sweetener based on the herb stevia. *The new sweetener appeared in December 2008 in products like Sprite Green and Trop50, an orange juice with half the usual calories. *The new sweetner may curb the overall decline in soft-drink sales by offering a healthier alternative Why Innovation Matters Why Innovation Matters 1900-1910 *airplane, plastic, air conditioner 1911-1920 *mammogram, zipper, sonar 1921-1930 *talking movies, penicillin, jet engine 1931-1940 *radar, helicopter, computer 1941-1950 *atomic bomb, bikini, transistor 1951-1960 *oral contraceptive, Tylenol Technology Cycles S-Curves and Technological  Innovation New Technology:  GO-Tags vs. Cash *First Data is in the business of authorizing credit- and debit-card transactions. *New CEO Michael Capellas saw a new avenue for First Data: electronic commerce. *First Data developed the GO-Tag, a radio transmitter installed in a button or a cell phone or an ID card. *The GO-Tag can be used to pay for purchases by tapping into First Data’s authorization
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ch7 - Chapter7 InnovationandChange OrganizationalInnovation

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