ch8 - Chapter8 GlobalManagement WhatIsGlobalBusiness?...

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Chapter 8 Global Management What Is Global Business? What Is Global Business? The Impact of Global Business Foreign Investment in the U.S. U.S. Foreign Investment Abroad Trade Barriers Trade Agreements GATT World Trade Organization Maastricht Treaty of Europe NAFTA CAFTA and USAN ASEAN and APEC Consumers, Trade Barriers,  and Trade Agreements Consumers, Trade Barriers,  and Trade Agreements How to Go Global? Consistency or Adaptation? Local Adaptation  Aided by Advertising *McCann, an international advertising firm, is helping companies like Nestlé market their products globally. *The target is people at the bottom of the economy, who live on $350-700/month. *Nestlé hopes to sell fortified powdered milk, but local perception in Latin America sees powdered milk as for babies and too expensive for families. *McCann must help companies like Nestlé locally adapt their product promotion to overcome such stereotypes. Source: A. Regalado, “ McCann Offers Peek at Lives of Low-Income Latins,”
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ch8 - Chapter8 GlobalManagement WhatIsGlobalBusiness?...

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