ch10 - Chapter10 ManagingTeams WhyWorkTeams?...

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Chapter 10 Managing Teams Why Work Teams? The Good and Bad of Using Teams The Advantages of Teams The Disadvantages of Teams The Disadvantages of Teams *The presence of someone with expertise *The presentation of a compelling argument *Lacking confidence in one’s ability to contribute *An unimportant or meaningless decision *A dysfunctional decision-making climate When to Use Teams Kinds of Teams Autonomy, the Key Dimension Special Kinds of Teams Cross-Functional Teams *Employees from different functional areas *Attack problems from multiple perspectives *Generate more ideas and alternative solutions *Often used in conjunction with matrix and product organizational structures Virtual Teams *Select self-starters and strong communicators *Keep the team focused on clear, specific goals *Provide frequent feedback *Keep team upbeat and action-oriented *Periodically bring team members together *Improve communications *Ask team members for feedback on how well
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ch10 - Chapter10 ManagingTeams WhyWorkTeams?...

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