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ch11 - Chapter11 EmploymentLaws *New positions*New...

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Chapter 11 Managing Human Resource Systems The Human Resource Management Process Employment Laws Human Resource Planning Forecasting Demand and Supply Forecasting Demand and Supply Internal Forecast Factors *New positions *New equipment and technology *Eliminated positions *Terminations *Retirements *Resignations *Turnover External Forecast Factors *Demographics of labor supply *Geographic population shifts *Manufacturing-to service-to information-based economy shift *Economic conditions Forecast Methods Human Resource  Information Systems * Computerized employee information systems use: *transaction processing *employee self-service *decision support Human Resource  Information Systems Employment Legislation Federal Employment Laws Federal Employment Laws (cont.) Adverse Impact and  Employment Discrimination Sexual Harassment Common Managerial Mistakes  in Sexual Harassment Laws *…that the victim and harasser must be of the opposite sex *…that harassment can only occur between coworkers or supervisors and subordinates *…that only victims can file complaints
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Company Responsibilities *Respond immediately to make sure sexual harassment laws are followed *Write a clear, understandable sexual harassment policy *Establish clear reporting procedures *Be in compliance with federal, state, and local sexual harassment laws Finding Qualified Workers Recruiting Job Analysis and Recruiting Job Analysis and Recruiting Job Analysis and Recruiting Internal Recruiting *A pool of applicants who already work for the company *“Promotion from within” *Improves employee morale and motivation *Reduces employer time and cost *Job posting is the procedure for internal advertising *Career path is a planned sequence of jobs Methods for External Recruiting *Advertising *Employee referrals *Walk-ins *Outside organizations *Employment services *Special events *Internet job sites Ari Weinzweig’s Tips on
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