ch12 - Chapter12 ManagingIndividualsandaDiverseWorkforce

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Chapter 12 Managing Individuals and a Diverse Workforce Predicted U.S. Population,  by Race, 2005-2070 Diversity and Why It Matters Diversity: Differences That Matter Diversity Is Not Affirmative Action *May exist without a program *Broad focus *Not legally based *Create a positive work environment *Generally accepted Affirmative Action Affirmative Action Programs General Purpose of Diversity Programs Diversity Makes  Good Business Sense Diversity Makes Good Business Sense Diversity Makes  Good Business Sense Diversity Makes  Good Business Sense Diversity and Individual Differences Surface and Deep-Level Diversity Surface-Level Diversity Age *Treating people differently because of their age *Performance does not decline with age *Older employees show better judgment and are less likely to quit, show up late, or be absent *Age discrimination is more pervasive than managers think Gender *Treating people differently because of their sex or gender * Glass ceiling *invisible barrier that keeps women and minorities from advancing to the top of the organization * Can be diminished by: *mentoring *stopping unintentional behavior
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Female-Friendly Workplace *At Principal Financial Group , 66% of the employees and 35% of the board are women, and
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ch12 - Chapter12 ManagingIndividualsandaDiverseWorkforce

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