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ch14 - Chapter14 Leadership WhatIsLeadership Leadership...

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Chapter 14 Leadership What Is Leadership? Leadership Leaders versus Managers Leaders versus Managers Substitutes for Leadership * Leadership substitutes *subordinate, task, or organizational characteristics that make leaders redundant or unnecessary * Leadership neutralizers *subordinate, task, or organizational characteristics that interfere with a leader’s actions * Leaders don t always matter *Poor leadership is not the cause of every organizational crisis Leadership Substitutes  and Neutralizers Who Leaders Are and  What Leaders Do Leadership Behaviors Blake/Moulton Leadership Grid Situational Approaches to Leadership Putting Leaders in the Right Situation: Fiedler’s Contingency Theory Putting Leaders in the Right Situation: Fiedler’s Contingency Theory Leadership Style: Least Preferred Coworker * Leadership style is the way a leader generally behaves toward followers *seen as stable and difficult to change * Style is measured by the Least Preferred Co-worker scale (LPC) *relationship-oriented *task-oriented Leadership Style: Least Preferred Coworker Scale Situational Favorableness Situational Favorableness Matching Leadership Styles to Situations
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WellPoint CEO Adopts  New Leadership Style Path-Goal Theory Basic Assumptions of Path-Goal Theory Path-Goal Theory Adapting Leader Behavior: Path-Goal Theory Leadership Styles * Directive *clarifying expectations and guidelines * Supportive *being friendly and approachable * Participative *allowing input on decisions * Achievement-Oriented *setting challenging goals Sue Nokes’ Leadership Style Translates into Customer Satisfaction *Sue Nokes, in charge of sales and customer service at T-Mobile, is charged with making sure customers are happy with their service.
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