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Chapter 15 Managing Communication What Is Communication? Perception and  Communication Problems Basic Perception Process Basic Perception Process Perception Problems * Selective perception *notice and accept stimuli which are consistent with our values and beliefs *ignore inconsistent stimuli * Closure *tendency to fill in the gaps when information is missing *we assume that what we don’t know is consistent with what we do know Perception of Others * Attribution Theory *we have a need to understand and explain the causes of other people’s behavior *General reasons to explain behavior * Internal attribution *the behavior was voluntary or under their control * External attribution *the behavior was involuntary and beyond their control Attribution Bias and Error Attribution Bias and  Error Self-Perception Kinds of Communication The Interpersonal Communication Process The Communication Process *The sender is unsure what message to communicate *The message is not clearly encoded *The wrong channel is chosen *The message is improperly decoded *The receiver lacks experience or time The Communication Process *Penalty *Excellence *Tight *Small *Pure *Flimsy *Okay Formal Communication Channels * Downward communication *top down * Upward communication
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*bottom up * Horizontal *within a level Improving Formal Communication
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ch15 - Chapter15 ManagingCommunication WhatIsCommunication?...

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