ch17 - 27 November 2007, B3. Accessing and Sharing...

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Chapter 17 Managing Information Moore’s Law Why Information Matters Data versus Information *Raw data = facts + figures *Information = useful data that influences choices Strategic Importance of Information First-Mover Advantage Cable versus DSL Fast Facts on First Movers Sustaining a Competitive Advantage Characteristics of Useful Information Costs of Useful Information Getting and Sharing Information Capturing Information 10 Uses for RFID Processing Information:  Data Mining Unsupervised Data Mining Protecting Information Tips for Protecting Data * Rule #1 : Understand the real value of data (not just the value of the disk it’s on) and treat it accordingly. *Encrypt data. *Track data that you send to someone else. *Use a coding system to label the value of a disk or a memory stick. Source: B. Worthen, “Workers Losing Computer Data May Lack Awareness of its Value,” The Wall Street Journal,
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Unformatted text preview: 27 November 2007, B3. Accessing and Sharing Information and Knowledge Executive Information System (EIS) Characteristics of Best-Selling EIS *Few commands to learn *Important views saved *3-D charts *Geographic dimensions Intranets *Private company networks *Allow employees to access, share, and publish information *A firewall permits only authorized internal access Why Companies Use Intranets *Inexpensive *Increase efficiencies and reduce costs *Intuitive and easy to use *Work across all computer systems *Can be built on top of existing network *Work with software programs that convert to HTML *Software is available at no cost or is less expensive Corporate Portals External Access and Sharing Benefits of External Access and Sharing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Web Services Extranet Sharing Knowledge and Expertise...
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ch17 - 27 November 2007, B3. Accessing and Sharing...

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