Comunication and Conflict

Comunication and Conflict - TheCommunicationProcess...

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The Communication Process Two Obstacles to Effective Two Obstacles to Effective Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal Communication * DEFENSIVENESS * Individual feels threatened/attacked * Self-protection becomes paramount * Energy spent on constructing defense rather than listening * Result: Aggression, anger, competitiveness, and/or avoidance * DISCONFIRMATION * Individual feels incompetent, unworthy, or insignificant * Attempts to reestablish self-worth takes precedence * Energy spent illustrating self-importance rather than listening * Results: Showing off, self-centered behavior, withdrawal, and/or loss of motivation are common reactions. 8 Attributes of 8 Attributes of Supportive Communication Supportive Communication * Problem-oriented, not person oriented: “How can we solve this problem” NOT “Because of you a problem exists” * Congruent, not incongruent: “Your behavior upset me” NOT “Do I seem upset? No I’m not upset.” * Descriptive, not evaluative: “Here is what happened, here is my reaction, here is a suggestion” NOT “You are wrong for doing what you did” * Validating, not invalidating: “I have some ideas but do you have any suggestions” NOT “You wouldn’t understand so lets do it my way” 8 Attributes of 8 Attributes of Supportive Communication Supportive Communication * Specific, not global: “You interrupted me 3 times during the meeting” NOT “You’re always trying to get attention.” * Conjunctive, not disjunctive: “Relating to what you just said, I’d like to add another point.” NOT “I want to say something regardless of what you said.” * Owned, not disowned: “I have decided to turn down your request because…” NOT “ “You have pretty good idea, but it would not work here.” *“ Supportive listening, not one-way listening “What do you think are obstacles standing in the way.” NOT “As I said before, you make
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Comunication and Conflict - TheCommunicationProcess...

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