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Technology Manager Senior Executive Describe What they’re looking for in New Technology Managers The following quotes were provided by Senior executives at several New Jersey/New York based companies ( Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Johnson & Johnson, John Wiley & Sons. Mutual of New York) when asked about what they were looking for from their technology managers. What Managerial Roles are reflected in each of the quotes below? What Skills are reflected in these quotes? 1. “People really need to be skilled on business needs as well as the technology. They have to be able to answer, “If this system happens this way here, how does it affect projects over there?”” 2. “The technical expertise is given – there are lots of good people who do that but not
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Unformatted text preview: many of those can interface with the people who need to know how it can make business move.” 3. “…Technology Management is searching for the person who has the technical background in his or head but also knows how it will affect business – AND can sell useful new ideas to upper management.” 4. “Ability to interface with ground level techies and manage them for business goals.” 5. “We need people to deal better with analytics. Rather than compile or report data, they need to know what it is telling them – not just whether an item is different, or why, but what does that difference mean.”...
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