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zaleznik summary

zaleznik summary - Management predictable deductive...

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Management vs. Leadership * “Doing the right thing”- setting direction, providing vision, creating something new,  inspiring others to follow and participate * “Doing things right” -monitoring, directing and controlling * In today’s workplace, “Managers cannot be successful without being good leaders and  leaders cannot succeed without being good managers.” (Whetten and Cameron) Managers vs. Leaders (Zaleznik) What Leaders Really Do (Kotter) * Planning and Budgeting vs. Setting Direction
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Unformatted text preview: * Management - predictable, deductive * Leadership - change, inductive * Controlling Activities and Solving Problems vs. Motivating and Inspiring * Management - establish routines * Leadership - shake things up, inspire effort through personal connection What Leaders Really Do (Kotter) * Organizing and Staffing vs. Aligning People * Management - right fit between people and jobs (design) * Leadership - right fit between people and the vision (communication)...
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