Prisons and Jails - lengthy terms There are four types...

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Running head: PRISONS AND JAILS 1 Prisons and Jails Tammy Hall CJS/200 July 20, 2011 John Scott
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PRISONS AND JAILS 2 Prisons and Jails Most people if asked don’t know the differences between prisons and jail. But in fact, there are distinctions between the two. Jails and prisons are alike in some ways. They are designed for imprisonment to punish criminals for their crimes. Just as they are alike they are different. Jails are operated by the local law enforcement agencies to confine criminal offenders to short sentences, less than a year, following arrest or pending trial. Jails can hold woman, men and in some cases juveniles. Jails play an important role in criminal justice system by serving many purposes such as housing mentally ill, overcrowding for other facilities, and to transfer inmates to federal, state, or other authorities. Prisons are state or federal confinement facilities to house inmates sentenced to
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Unformatted text preview: lengthy terms. There are four types prisons which as supermax prisons, maximum security prisons medium security prisons and minimum security prisons. The concept of prisons is to punish inmates, rehabilitation for inmates, and to separate people that society has deemed dangerous for protection of the general public. Jails and prisons are an extremely important part in the criminal justice system. Jails are the gateway into the criminal justice systems doors. Jails house any criminal until they are transfer to the appropriate facilities. There are four types of prison that support the concept of punishing, separating and rehabilitation for the inmates. PRISONS AND JAILS 3 Reference U.S. Department of Justice. (n.d). Federal Bureau of Prisons. Retrieved from
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Prisons and Jails - lengthy terms There are four types...

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