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case 1.1 for stats module 1

case 1.1 for stats module 1 - Andrew James Dr ELHoubi...

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Andrew James March 30, 2011 Dr. ELHoubi SYM-506 Applied Bus. Prob.& Stats. Case 1.1 “ENTERTAINMENT ON A CRUISE SHIP” 1). If you were in charge of entertainment on this ship, how would you describe the problem with entertainment: Is it a problem with deadbeat passengers, low- quality entertainment, or a mismatch between the entertainment offered and the entertainment desired? - The apparently numerous variables to consider in solving the issue of lack of receptiveness in participation to the cruise entertainment layout can be solved with one explanation. Research; if the proper research was done before the launch of the cruise it would of highlighted the popular “to do’s” on a cruise ship. I have firsthand experience with the tourism industry as I work at a hotel. We do a lot of marketing research to attract the consumer and find out what they enjoy about hotels; we also look at the “competitive set” which shows how much our competitors are booking. One of our major source of Intel comes from the consumer themselves on “trip advisor.” Trip advisor gives both positive and negative feedback on what the customer liked and didn’t like and gives the hotel a rating from 1-5, 5 being the high and 1 the low. It computes the average from the consumers responses and tallies it up and numerical breaks down all
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the reviews from “excellent, very good, average, poor, and terrible” And lastly it shows what the consumer actually commented about the experience. Trip advisor is also available for cruises as well. Once extensive research is done from resources like trip advisor and the
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case 1.1 for stats module 1 - Andrew James Dr ELHoubi...

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