programb6 - Microprocessors Applications(UPTU Explanation...

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Appendix B ØØ Explanation : A digit BCD number is available in register AL. We have to unpack this BCD number i.e. we have to separate the BCD digits. e.g : If the number = 92 H then in unpack form the two digits will 02 H and 09 H. i.e. we have to mask the lower nibble, first and rotate four times to the right to get the MSB digit. Then to get the LSB digit mask the upper nibble. Display the result. Masking lower nibble means ANDing the number with OF0 to get MSB. ØØ Algorithm : Step I : Initialize the data memory. Step II : Load number into register AL. Step III : Mask the lower nibble. Step IV : Rotate 4 times left to make ; MSB digit = LSB. Step V : Display the digit. Step VI : Load number in AL. Step VII : Mask upper nibble. Step VIII : Display the result. Step IX : Stop. ØØ Flowchart : Refer flowchart 6. ØØ Program : .model small .data a db 92H .code Flowchart 6 mov ax, @data ; Initialize data section mov ds, ax mov al, a ; Load number1 in al
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programb6 - Microprocessors Applications(UPTU Explanation...

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