programb9 - Count to roll by 4 bits mov bh al Result in reg...

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Appendix B  Explanation : Consider that a byte of data is present in the AL register and second byte of data is present in the BL register. We have to subtract the byte in BL from the byte in AL. Using sub instruction subtract the contents of two registers. Result will be stored in the AL register. Display the result using display routine. For example : AL = 0A H 0A H (10) 10 BL = 04 H 04 H (4) 10 06H  Algorithm : Step 1 : Initialise the data segment. Step 2 : Get the first number in AL register. Step 3 : Get the second number in BL register. Step 4 : Subtract the two numbers. Corel – 2 Step 5 : Display the result. Step 6 : Stop  Flowchart : Refer flowchart 9.  Program : .model small .data a db 0AH Flowchart 9 b db 04H .code mov ax, @data ; Initialize data section mov ds, ax mov al, a ; Load number1 in al mov bl, b ; Load number2 in bl sub al, bl ; subtract numbers and result in al mov ch, 02h ; Count of digits to be displayed mov cl, 04h
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Unformatted text preview: ; Count to roll by 4 bits mov bh, al ; Result in reg bh l2: rol bh, cl ; roll bl so that msb comes to lsb mov dl, bh ; load dl with data to be displayed and dl, 0fH ; get only lsb cmp dl, 09 ; check if digit is 0-9 or letter A-F jbe l4 add dl, 07 ; if letter add 37H else only add 30H l4: add dl, 30H mov ah, 02 ; Function 2 under INT 21H (Display character) int 21H Third Semester - Elex. & Commn . Microprocessors & Applications (UPTU) Appendix B dec ch ; Decrement Count jnz l2 mov ah, 4cH ; Terminate Program int 21H end Result : C:\>tasm 8bit-sub.asm Turbo Assembler Version 3.0 Copyright (c) 1988, 1991 Borland International Assembling file: 8bit-sub.asm Error messages: None Warning messages: None Passes: 1 Remaining memory: 438k C:\>tlink 8bit-sub.obj Turbo Link Version 3.0 Copyright (c) 1987, 1990 Borland International Warning: No stack C:\>8bit-sub 06 C:\> Third Semester - Elex. & Commn ....
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programb9 - Count to roll by 4 bits mov bh al Result in reg...

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