programb27 - Microprocessors Applications(UPTU Explanation...

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Appendix B ØØ Explanation : There is a look up table given which contains the 7 segment equivalent of each BCD digit from digits 0 – 9. Our task is to find out the 7 segment code for the BCD digit that the user enters. Using XLAT instruction we can find the 7 segment code. As XLAT replaces a byte in AL register with byte from the lookup table. BX register has the offset of the starting address of the lookup table and AL register has the digit whose equivalent is to be found from the look up table. XLAT will copy byte from address pointed by [ BX + AL ] back into AL. Display the result in AL. ØØ Algorithm : Step I : Initialize the data segment. Step II : Load the offset of look up table in BX. Step III : Load AL with key i.e. digit whose 7 segment code is to be found. Step IV : Compute 7 segment code using XLAT instruction. Step V : Display the result. Step VI :
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programb27 - Microprocessors Applications(UPTU Explanation...

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