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Appendix B ØØ Explanation : We have a number. Let this number be stored in register AX. We have to find 1’s complement of this number. One’s complement of number means to invert each bit of that number. So our task is to complement each bit of number. We will rotate the number by 1 bit position to the left along with carry. Counter = 16 as we will have to rotate 16 times, as number of bits = 16. Then we will complement the bit in carry. Decrement counter and continue till all bits are complemented. The final complemented bit is in carry when CX = 0, as we are rotating with carry. So when CX = 0, the MSB = initial carry bit. We do not require the initial carry, we want the complemented bit, and so we rotate once again. Now, the result in AX = 1’s complement of the number. Display the result. eg. : AX = 1234 H. 000 1 001 0 001 1 010 0 1’s complement = 111 0 110 1 110 0 101 1 = EDCB ØØ Algorithm : Step I : Initialize the data memory. Step II
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programb29 - Microprocessors & Applications (UPTU)...

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