programb37 - Microprocessors Applications(UPTU Explanation...

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Appendix B ØØ Explanation : We have an array of 10 numbers. So we initialize the counter with 10. Also we initialize a pointer to point these numbers. Compare first number with initial maximum number i.e. zero. If number > maximum number, save number otherwise increment pointer to compare next number. Decrement counter, compare till all the numbers are compared. Store the maximum number in MAX. Display the maximum number. ØØ Algorithm : Step I : Initialize the data segment. Step II : Initialize pointer. Step III : Initialize counter. Step IV : Initialize base pointer for array. Step V : Compare number with maximum. If no carry goto step VII Step VI : Save the maximum number. Step VII : Decrement counter. Step VIII : Increment pointer. Step IX : Check if count = 0. If not goto step V. Step X : Store the maximum number. Step XI : Display result. Step XII
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programb37 - Microprocessors Applications(UPTU Explanation...

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