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Appendix B  Explanation : Firstly, we will accept the two strings to be concatenated. Then, we will call procedure CONCAT which will concatenate the two strings. Display the concatenated strings.  Algorithm : Step I : Start. Step II : Accept string 1 from user. Step III : Accept string 2 from user. Step IV : Call procedure CONCAT. Step V : Load length of string 1 in CX. Step VI : Load the address of source string 1 in SI and DI. Step VII : Copy the contents of string 1 to destination string. Step VIII : Load SI with address of string 2. Step IX : Copy the contents of string 2 to destination string. Step X : Display the concatenated string. Step XI : Procedure and return to calling program Step XII : Stop.  Flowchart : Refer flowchart 61.  Program : page100, 50 title string concatenatation mess macro msg ; definition of macro mess mov ah, 09h lea dx, msg int 21h endm .model small .stack 100h .data str1 db 25 , ? , 25 dup('$')
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programb61 - Microprocessors & Applications (UPTU)...

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