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Appendix B  Explanation : At first we will accept the string from the user and store it in STR 1. Call procedure CONVERT, which will do the case conversion. Display the result.  Algorithm : Step I : Initialize the data segment. Step II : Accept the string from user. Step III : Store the accepted string in STR 1. Step IV : Call procedure CONVERT. Step V : Initialize SI = address of STR 1. Step VI : Initialize DI = address of destination string STR 2. Step VII : Load CL = length of STR 1. Step VIII : Load character from STR 1 into AL. Step IX : Check if the character entered is a letter from A-Z. If not go to step 24 Step X : Compare AL with 5AH (i.e. ASCII of upper case). If AL > Greater goto step 13. Step XI : Add 20H to AL to make letter small case. Step XII : Compare AL with 61H (i.e. ASCII of lower case). Step XIII : go to step 21. Step XIV
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programb65 - Microprocessors & Applications (UPTU)...

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