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Classical Societies Essay - Classical Societies Essay Hum...

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Classical Societies Essay Hum 205 Laureen Wendt University of Phoenix
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The Classical period in Greece developed after the fall of Athens 404 B.C.E. to Sparta. Between 490 and 480 B.C.E. Greece became “one of the most culturally productive areas in the history of humankind (Benton and Di Yanni, 2008).” During this time period the Greeks produced great works of art in the form of architecture, literature, sculptures, metals, and pottery. The Classical period went through many changes in the way they created sculptures the changes were in style and function ( Wikipedia, 2011). By 500 B.C. many statues began to look more like real people and they also changed they way the statues posed itself. Many artist of this time period created and carved sculptures out of marble like the Head of the Veiled Goddess ca. 425 B.C. (Greek, Attic). The Head of Veiled Goddess was created and carved out of marble in the very likeness of a woman. She appears to be wearing a cloak over her head and the way the neckline and the folds of the cloak it appears as if she was moving quickly to her left (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2011). This head may have belonged to a statue “that was part of a high relief or the pediment of a small building (The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, 2011).” This piece of art reveals the social changes taking place in society and expresses those changes in style and form. Art work of this time period influenced the culture and society in many ways like drama, philosophy, music, and paintings. This new age art form allowed individual artist to be more expressive and creative in their designs. The Classical period greatly influenced other countries in their style and designs of art like the Romans. The Roman Empire
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Classical Societies Essay - Classical Societies Essay Hum...

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