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Sample Lab Report

Sample Lab Report - Short and Long Term Effects of Skipping...

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Short and Long Term Effects of Skipping Class Engineering H191 Autumn, 2002 Kat Knapper, Seat 11 Day Dreamer, Seat 17 Bull Dozer, Seat 22 Ivana Sleepalot, Seat 34 Instructor: A. Einstein Class Section: 3:30 Lab Section: Wednesday, 3:30-5:18 Date of Experiment: 01/05/00 to 03/10/00 Date of Submission: 03/17/00
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1. Introduction The goal of this experiment was to determine both the positive and negative effects of not attending class, both for a single occasion and for multiple occurrences. This study was conducted using first-year undergraduate university students by controlling the number of classes each was allowed to skip and having them periodically report observations they made regarding their experience. This report describes the details of how this study was conducted and how data relating to the students was collected. Results from the students detail the levels of fun, sleep and study time had by students as well as their final grades. Only a small portion of these results is presented in this report. An informal analysis of the results is given which highlights the contrast between the direct and quarter long effects of skipping class among the test students. 2. Experimental Methodology Three groups, each consisting of 50 first-year Humongous State students, were employed in this study. All students in the study were enrolled in the same elective class, Quantum Architecture and Zen Buddhist Approaches to Postmodern Literary Criticism , for Winter Quarter, 2001. None of the students had any previous knowledge of the subject matter, and all of the students had a high school GPA ranging between 3.3 and 3.9. Students were randomly assigned to the three groups.
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Sample Lab Report - Short and Long Term Effects of Skipping...

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