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ECE 327: Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory I Notes for Lab 0 (Introduction/Instrumentation Lab) 1. Class introduction (instructor policies take precedence) Distribute syllabus Introduce instructor Contact information OFce hours Purpose of course 3 – Rank 3/4 students, 2 – Circuits course, 7 – Not MOS±ET-heavy 323 Introduction to analog electronics. ±ocusses on application of (discrete) electronics * Here, electric waveforms are analogous to input acoustic (pressure) waveforms Originally was meant to complement ECE 323 BJTs and operational ampli²ers (i.e., focus on active -mode analog electronics) New course organization and history (i.e., history of senior-level ECE 427 and prereqs) Other labs (analog – ECE 628 , quarter project – ECE 667, bad matches – ECE 710/723) Grades (instructor policies take precedence) Daily quizzes (20%), Lab reports (40%), Lab clean-up (10%), ±inal exam (30%)
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Unformatted text preview: • Breadboards and FLOPPY DISKS (or a decent camera) • Table seating 2. Introduction to lab texts • Contents of UniPrint Notes – Lab introduction – Project description – Parts list – Part pin-outs – 7 laboratory texts – End-of-quarter project (omitted) • Supplementary texts from instructor (available on-line) • Horowitz and Hill’s The Art of Electronics (optional) • Sedra and Smith’s Microelectronic Circuits (optional) 3. Introduction to quarter project (infrared audio modem and ampli²er to drive 8 Ω speaker) 4. Instrumentation refresher “lab” – complete short laboratory described in handout 5. Reminder about breadboards and foppy disks (or decent cameras) Copyright © 2007–2010 by Theodore P. Pavlic Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License Page 1 of 1...
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