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Unformatted text preview: ECE 209: Circuits and Electronics Laboratory Notes for Lab 1 (Introduction to Instrumentation) 1. General lab report guidelines: The scientific method should be in the back of your mind always. Experiments are used to test our theories (i.e., hypotheses ) and inform us about future experiments (e.g., to explain differences from theoretical expectations). Scientists study the natural world. Engineers study technology. Your report should stand on its own in paragraph form (i.e., NOT a list of answers!). Do NOT refer to anything related to the classroom (e.g., students, instructor, etc.). Write as if you were submitting to a supervisor or journal. Publication is the final step in the cycle of the scientific method. When possible, figures and tables should be in line with the rest of your typed text. Number tables and figures and refer to them by number (e.g., Figure 2; not below). * Each figure should have a descriptive caption. Do NOT let captions float onto the next page (i.e., tie them to the figures rather than just typing them beneath). * All modern word processing packages can automatically number figures and tables. They can update references to them automatically too. Hand-drawn figures (on engineering graph paper ) can be submitted. * They can be photocopied or pasted into the report or attached at the end. * Like all figures, they should be numbered. * Alternatively, you can use a digital photograph (e.g., from your camera phone )....
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lab1_intro_notes - ECE 209: Circuits and Electronics...

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