File Recovery - How to (Potentially) Recover an AutoCAD...

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How to (Potentially) Recover an AutoCAD Drawing If the program crashes at any point the following steps should help you get your file back (to hopefully within the last few commands). Keep in mind though, the best step to take for file recovery is saving your file often…. If you are on your own computer/the office computers you can skip the first step. If you are in the CIRCA Lab do the following: 1.) DO NOT SIGN OFF THE COMPUTER 2.) Open the program back up, there will be a Drawing Recovery Manager dialog box on your left, generally this is of no use, but keep it open just in case as a last resort. 3.) Enter the command SAVEFILEPATH , in the command bar you will see a location (if you are the CIRCA lab, it’ll read something like “C:\temp” if you are in the office it’ll read something like “C:\Documents and Settings\lab\Local Settings\Temp” 4.) Select and copy this file location (don’t copy the quotation marks). To be able to select it you will need to open the command bar in a new window by pressing the F2 button. 5.) Open My Computer (or Computer if you are using Vista or Win7).
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File Recovery - How to (Potentially) Recover an AutoCAD...

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