Create a copy of your plan view and locate the copy

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Unformatted text preview: wever your insertion scale should be 1,1,1. •Create a copy of your plan view and locate the copy onto the Xref using the 2 influent pipes. •Copy and Paste UFPIC into your paper space (you may need to use paste special.) •Scale the picture as necessary. •Use the DVIEW command to TWIST the viewport -90o •Shade plot should be set to “Legacy Hidden” Page 2- Plan View Units: Engineering Inches Scale: 3/32” = 1'-0” •Use the FLATSHOT command to create a block of the top view. Select the Hidden linetype for hidden lines. Once the block is created, explode it and change the linetype scale of the hidden lines to 0.25. •Delete all necessary hidden lines from the plan view. •To create the curved leaders, use a regular leader (arrowhead size = 1/16”) then explode the leader (keep the leader head) and c...
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