You must use the cgn2328ctb plot table style when you

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Unformatted text preview: e shown on the given figure(s). •You must use the CGN2328.ctb Plot Table Style when you plot. *Hint* Create the 3D object first, then create the plan, section and isometric views and layouts, then insert the Xref (which is a big file) and place the plan view on the Xref for Page Use dimensions and elevations from -2 and -3 to draw the object in 3D. Follow this progression: 1.) Create 3D object 2.) Create Plan View Layout 3.) Create Section Views Layout 4.) Create Isometric 5.) Create Page 1 Page 1- Cover/Site Plan Units: Engineering Inches Scale: 1” = 100'-0” •Download BASE.dwg file from Sakai and Xref it into your drawing in model space. The base point does not matter, ho...
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