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Layers and Dimensions - 1 Layers Dimensioning and Dimension...

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1 Layers, Dimensioning and Dimension Styles Layers give the user a good way to have more control over the project when producing a drawing. The simple analogy of layers in a drawing is toppings on a pizza; where objects having similar characteristics (but not necessarily the exact same thing) will be grouped together and can be edited as a group instead of individuals. For instance, while a toilet, sink, shower and bathtub are all separate items from each other, they can all be classified as plumbing fixtures. Referring back to the pizza analogy, let’s say that your “pizza” is a blueprint of a building, and you have the option to have all the layers (toppings) on, but you don’t want everything on, you only want certain layers. You can turn layers off or on, or “freeze” them, none of which will delete the items from the drawing but rather make them invisible to the user. If you do wish to delete a layer, everything on that layer must be deleted first. Before getting into the main parts and uses of layers, below is a listing of commonly used layer commands that will help you with control over your drawing. Command Function LAYER or LA Opens the Layer Properties Manager. LAYMCH Changes the layer of a chosen object to match the layer of another. LAYCUR Changes the current layer to match a selected object. For instance, if your current layer is 0 and you enter the command LAYCUR and select your viewport, the current layer of the drawing will change to VPORTS or whatever layer the viewport was on. LAYISO The layers of selected objects will be the only layers visible. LAYUNISO All non-isolated layers (except those frozen or off) will be visible again. LAYWALK Turns off all layers except for one (temporarily) and allows the user to “walk” or scroll through the layers displaying only one layer’s objects at a time. LAYFRZ Freezes the layer of a selected object. LAYON
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Layers and Dimensions - 1 Layers Dimensioning and Dimension...

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