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Layouts, Viewports, and Plotting Instructions The following instructions are a reference guide to follow for most lab assignments: 1. MODEL SPACE This is the area where your drawing will be created full size. You are in Model Space if the Model Tab is highlighted in the bottom left corner of the screen as shown in Fig. 1.1 (Fig 1.1 shows two versions depending on how your controls are displayed). Figure 1.1 Model and Layout Tabs For most lab assignments first create the geometry of your drawing while in Model Space then proceed to Step 2 on creating your Layout. 2. LAYOUT (PAPER SPACE) Paper Space represents the actual sheet of paper your drawing will be plotted (printed). You will know if you are Paper Space if the Layout Tab shown in Figure 1.1 is highlighted. To switch from Model to Paper simply click on the layout tab. The following steps will let you set up your layout to the proper page size and printer: a. Page Setup Once in a Layout, Right click on the Layout Tab and select Page Setup Manager or Type PAGESETUP to produce the dialog box shown in Fig. 2.1 CGN2328 Layout-Viewport-Plotting Instructions Page 1 of 8 Figure 2.1 Page Setup Manager Dialog Box
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Select the Layout shown and push the Modify button, which brings you to the Page Setup Dialog box shown in Fig. 2.2 Page Setup Dialog Box: Choose Printer Choose Paper Size (8.5x11 or Letter) Plot Area: Layout Plot Offset, 0 for X and Y Plot Scale : 1:1 b. Attaching the Titleblock Type INSERT or I or go to the Insert Menu >Block. This produces the Insert Dialog Box shown in Figure 2.3 Locate and select the Titleblock drawing file that you downloaded from the ‘AutoCAD Files’ folder on WebCT.
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Model-Paper Space - Layouts Viewports and Plotting...

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