XREFs and 3d - Xreferences(External References XREF's...

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Xreferences (External References, XREF's) XREF's can be thought of as a mixture between a block from another drawing and layers that you cannot change (like a locked layer) in sense. The way that this works is, in your current drawing you reference another drawing and the program places the second drawing INSIDE your current drawing (in halftone, or “washed out colors”) and you cannot edit it. It is essentially a guideline or footprint to work from. This is most often used to reference a base floor plan to draw on top of; for instance, taking a floorplan and drawing electrical/HVAC/plumbing plans on top of the original floorplan. This can be accomplished by way of inserting a block, HOWEVER, the difference between inserting a block of the floorplan or inserting an XREF is that since an XREF reference is a reference to another drawing the XREF will automatically update any changes made to the original file in the XREF'd file. See the example below:
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As you can see in the first picture, I saved a file as xref.dwg; then I inserted the XREF (with the XREF command NOT INSERT ), the new file (second picture) inserted the xref.dwg file in halftone (note that
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XREFs and 3d - Xreferences(External References XREF's...

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