Lab Syllabus - APK 2105 - HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY - LAB Summer...

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APK 2105 - HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY - LAB Summer 2011 Lab Schedule DATES LAB ITEM BACKGROUND READING S = Stanfield Text (3 rd ed) P = PhysioEx section of the Lab Manual ASSIGNMENT DUE May 9-10 Introduction and Histology Lab ------------ ------------ May 11-12 Enzyme Kinetics Lab PhysioEX Activity I - Histology (E-Learning assessment opens on 5/11 at 8:00 am S 5 6-72, 83-86 LM 63-73 S, internet, etc. ------------ May 13 Friday - No Lab ------------ E-Learning assessment I closes Friday 5/13 5:00 pm May 16-17 PhysioEX Activity II - Cell Transport (E-Learning assessment opens 5/16 at 8:00 am) LM 75-89 May 18-19 PhysioEX Activity III - Endocrine (E-Learning assessment opens 5/18 at 8:00 am) LM 91-109 E-Learning assessment II closes Wed 5/18 5:00 pm May 20 Friday - No Lab ------------ E-Learning assessment III closes Fri 5/20 5:00 pm May 23-24 Metabolism Lab PhysioEX Activity IV - Neurophysiology (E-Learning assessment opens 5/23 at 8:00 am) S 604-612,343-347 LM 111-122 Enzyme Lab Report May 25-26 No Lab ------------ E-Learning assessment IV closes Wed 5/25 5:00 pm May 27 Friday - No Lab ------------ ----------- 30- 31 PhysioEX Activity V - Skeletal Muscle (E-Learning assessment 5/30 at 8:00 am) LM 123-135 ----------- June 1-2 Cardiovascular Lab PhysioEX Activity VI - Cardio. Dynamics (E-Learning assessment opens 6/1 at 8:00 am) S 360-371, 396-428 LM 137-149 Metabolism Lab Report E-Learning assessment V closes Wed 6/1 5:00 pm June 3 Friday - No Lab ------------ E-Learning assessment VI closes Fri 6/3 5:00 pm June 6-7 Acid-Base Lab S 70-72, 500-501, 556-563 Cardiovascular Lab Report June 8-9 Pulmonary Function Lab S 452-472, 476-503 Acid-Base Lab Report June 10 Friday - No Lab ------------ ------------ June 13-14 Lab Review PhysioEX Activity VII - Renal (E-Learning assessment opens 6/13 at 8:00 am) LM 151-161 Pulmonary Lab Report June 15-16 Lab Final Exam – During Last Lab ------------ E-Learning assessment VII closes Wed 6/15 5:00 pm Pertains to “wet labs” that are conducted in FLG room 107 D or E. Pertains to “PhysioEx” labs that are conducted on your own
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GENERAL INFORMATION: APK 2105C is designed as a lecture/lab class. You will meet with your course instructor several times per week in the classroom for the lecture portion of the class. (See the lecture syllabus for more information about the lecture portion of the class). The lab portion of the class is divided into two sections: a “wet” lab, held in the lab classroom (Room 107 D or E) in the Florida Gym. The other portion of the lab is a “dry” lab that consists of a computer-based software program that allows you to run simulated lab experiments at home or at the computer labs on campus. This software will be accessed online either through the lab manual website (if you purchased the online version of the lab manual) or through the PhysioEx website: (if you purchased a paper copy of the manual). You will do the wet and dry labs on separate
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Lab Syllabus - APK 2105 - HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY - LAB Summer...

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