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Week _1 _Sept. 2_ - generalizations to nonlinear...

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OPRS 235a, fall of 2010 Week #1 Class #1. Thursday, Sept. 2. Chapter 1 will be discussed in this class. There is no assignment for this class (of course), but please download the first few chapters of the text from our course node and read Chapter 1 as soon as you can. The chapters are in a folder entitled Text on our website. To get at them, you need to sign up (e.g., as a “shopper”) for our course. Preview: Over the course of the semester, we will cover all 20 chapters of the text. Prior to the mid-term, we will cover Chapters 1-6 and 10-12 and parts of 13. These chapters survey the theory and algorithms of linear programming, as well as some of its connections to economic reasoning. After the mid-term, we will survey the applications of linear programming (Chapters 7-9), its connections to game theory (Chapters 14-16) and its
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Unformatted text preview: generalizations to nonlinear systems (Chapters 17-20). • The mid-term will be an open-book, open-notes, and “open web” take-home exam. It is tentatively scheduled for: o Pick-up at the close of class on Thursday, October 14 th . o Return at the start of class on Tuesday, October 17 th . The instructor’s view of take-home tests: o A take-home test has two advantages over a timed in-class test – it can be a learning experience, and it can be a better measure of accomplishment. o A take-home test has one serious disadvantage – it is that cheating (e.g., collaboration) can occur more easily. Please be warned: If you are caught cheating, you will be turned over to the appropriate committee, and the penalty can be severe....
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