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Independent Study Proposal What follows is a proposal for an Independent Study course involving mathematics to be taken by Shubhodeep Mukherji, a senior as of the 2010-2011 school year. The particulars of this course, along with purpose, materials, and a timeline follow in the sections below. Purpose Statement The purpose of this independent study is to gain a complete and unified knowledge of the theory and practical applications of differential equations, focusing mostly on ordinary differential equations (ODE’s), though also touching on the theory and analysis of partial differential equations (PDE’s) as well. This course would focus itself on methods for solving general differential equations and using differential equations to analyze other mathematical concepts in greater detail, as well as applying these methods to real-world situations and the physical sciences. Over a period of one semester, this course would allow the learner to attain an understanding of differential equations beyond that which is covered in courses already taught at the Science Academy; none of the more advanced math classes already offered focus solely on this particular topic as a basis for an entire course of study. Sponsor and Schedule Availability This proposed course would be overseen by Ms. Schofield, who would be involved in the course in the capacity of mentor and guider of the course progression. This class would take place over the course of one semester at the Science Academy. As for availability, the necessary arrangements regarding scheduling the course have already been discussed and made with Mrs. Garza, who made sure that the addition of this course would be possible in my particular schedule. Materials
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Differential Equations Independent Study Proposal -...

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